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August 01, 2006



Flavia Marcus

This was great! It really helped me with an East Germany project I had to complete. I really wanted to know what life was like in East germany and this has given me great insight! Thank you!


I, too, was in East Berlin that day with 2 freinds, one of whom was visiting her family who had come from Leipzeig for the occasion. She had gifts for her family which she was not allowed to bring into the DDR without paying an exhorbitant tax (on the scotch & cigarettes). The used clothing for her cousins wasn't allowed because it"wasn't needed in DDR". The "parade" seemed to start about a block from checkpoint charlie. No one was allowed to walk on the sidewalk - police prevented it. Being forced to "celebrate' their version of democracy caused us to feel very uneasy. We spoke in English to each other very little so we wouldn't be overheard & stand out. After parading in fron of the reviewing stands (which included the "Young Pioneer" children as well as dignitaries like Breshnev visiting from the USSR), we strolled freely. At the end of the day, the crowd of people that had been one block from checkpoint charlie in the morning was being held back about 1/2 mile from the checkpoint in the evening. When we returned to the western side of checkpoint charlie, we felt as though we'd been holding our breath all day.

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