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January 03, 2007


Sandy Bardill / James E Heath

My dad was at camp drake 1953-1955. He was on a pistol team and cannot remember who the other guys were. If anyone can remember their names I would appreciate passing that info onto my dad. He is 82 and still active.

Dan Batterberry

I was stationed at North Camp Drake with the 500th INTC Group, Support Branch, from Oct 1963 to Dec 1964. It was a great place, great access to downtown Tokyo. It was my best time in the U.S. Army.

Joseph Griego

Hello all I was stationed at Camp Drake from 1966-1968. MOS was 31j20 worked at the comm center, looking for old buddies one buddy from detroit area, several from texas. list of last names are Morales, Lightfoot, Buck, I also remember one buddies wifes name was karen. I am looking to reconnect with any of the boys there at that time. I just happened to be searching the web today and found this site. I was trick chief during my time there, I was Spc5 Joseph Griego from New Mexico. I also recall a buddy named sgt. Philliips, anyone wanting to talk about old times give me a call 575-387-2235, leave me a message if im not home and I ll call you back Hope to here from any bros still out there. I also remember the night of the
"Pueblo" I happened to working that day in the comm center lucky me.

Pam Over

Rudy Sanchez - Thank you for posting the article by Dr. Helfant from Look Magazine. I still have a copy of it somewhere. I worked in the XRay clinic as a typist, but ended up helping with patients because we were always so busy. My husband, Bill Suber, worked on the Psych Ward (972A!) and helped out on 811 and 812. It was quite a time in history. I was there from age 19 - 21. (67-69) and I couldn't have gotten a better education working in that environment with the military. I'm so proud of all I worked with.
Thanks, guys,
Pam (Suber) Over

Tim Smith

I was at the 249th (1969 - 1970). Moved to Zama in 1971 and left September 11th. Was an E-5, operating room specialist. Scrubed and circulated on a ton of wounded...ortho, neuro and chest. Col Scott at the top, OR headed by Col. Hansen, Non-com Sgt Novack. Soriya neurosurgeon...saw web page. Can't remember everyone... Later moved to the clinical lab and a new MOS including autopsies with Major Chin, M.D. MC. Col Greene also there MSC, SGM Pamerlou (SP?).

Mitch Greenup

I was stationed at the 249th hospital from the fall of 1969 until the summer of 1971. I was an operating room tech. I was only 19 when I arrived. Seeing the horrors of war didn't bother me much at the time, but today I just can't seem to get those images out of my head.

On the plus side I rented an apartment off base in a small town called Narimasu. Had some the best tmes of my life. Took the train to work every morning and made the walk from the station to the back gate at Camp Drake. Later I purchased a car from a departing nurse. It was called a "Hino".

Would love to hear from some of the old gang.I hope you are all well.

Rocky Santo

I was USAF at N Camp Drake 69-70. We lived at Momote Village (wife an kids), others lived at Green Park or the other local base facilities. Names... err Tom Burrelsman, Tom Moody my mind draws a blank now. It was a good time, we enjoyed our stay. The wives would go out visiting and sight seeing and had a ball.

Jerry Eagan

I was @ Camp Drake, the 249th General Hospital, from roughly 7 Nov 1966, to sometime in March or April, 1967. I enjoyed reading these postings. As I recall, we who had been wounded in Vietnam could keep our civies in a separate building that had once been the stockade for the 1st Cavalry Division, prior to deploying to Korea during the Korean War.
I was in the 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile), in Vietnam, and was seriously wounded in an ambush. I would spend roughly 1 year in hospitals beginning with the 85th Evacuation Hospital, Qui Nhon, Vietnam. Then, en route to Japan, @ Clark AFB, Philippines. Then, Tachikawa. Then, Camp Drake.
As soon as I was operated on for gunshot wound damage to my arm, and was ambulatory, I began taking passes out of the place. I, too, remember the Asaka, Ikebukaro, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinanomachi, Ueno train (subway) stops of the Yamate Line. I think that meant "circle" in Japanese.
I was introduced to a family named "Beisner," I believe, who had a daughter named Betty Jo. I think she was a teenager, but perhaps not. I hadn't recalled the North Gate/South Gate routine, until I read a note from another poster, who said that North Gate, outside, was "real Japan" and South Gate was bars, Pachinko Parlors, etc.
I want to say that one could take the subway from the North Gate, but maybe not. I was friends with Ron Baynard and John P. Mann. I think there was a guy named Bruce Bennett, who was with the 173d Airborne, and a guy named Danny Williams, who was from maybe Dallas or Houston, Texas. Danny got shot very seriously in the right arm, but much lower than my wound. His right forearm was shattered badly by a .45 pistol a VC had fired on him from almost zero distance.
Ron Baynard was from Virginia, I believe. Bruce was from Boston. John was from Arkansas. There was a Sergeant Keller, who was with 4th Inf Div. I think Danny was with 4th Inf Division, too. Then there was Mickey Aretz, who was a medic in the 196th Infantry Brigade, I believe. He was in one of the independent Infantry Brigades (196th, 197th, 198th) which was later coalesced into the Americal Division.
I'd love to hear from any of these guys. I'd have to think of the names of others. There were so many who came and went. I think a Sergeant Franklin came through there, who had been with my unit in Vietnam. And Ron Migut was also someone who came through there, and told me a good friend, Evaristo (Bob) Villano, had been killed "in the 'Nam."
I was trying to recall what some of the bars were in Japan then. There was a popular one which really catered to GIs, and would allow us to even bring in a bottle of booze and share and talk with the customers. I think they were eager to partner up Japanese who were looking to learn English, and were thrilled to speak English with Americans.
If anyone can remember the name of that one club ... it was near a playground in Ikebukoro. I also went to a bunch of other clubs, and there was something like a Press Club that guys sometimes went to. There were foreign correspondents there, and some wanted to know what was up in Vietnam. I recall talking with several.
One was an Australian guy. I can't recall if he was a journalist, but he was also studying Judo @ the Kodo-kan martial arts center. If I'm not mistaken, this correspondent's club was near a very large Japanese cemetery. I want to say it was in Shibuya, or Shinjuku. We walked from the train station to this place.
They might have given us a good break on booze, which, of course, was always appreciated in those days. We got plenty of free drinks, which was our main focus on long, drinking weekends.
Anyway, that's some of what I can remember.

Harold Miller

Arrived Camp Drake Oct '64, just as the olympics were ending. Assigned to the USAF 1967th Comm Sq & worked in the Tech Control. Lots of patients upstairs came downstairs to make phone calls home. Left Drake Oct'67. Lived at Grant Heights in military housing. Remember Joe Snelson, Peter K.D. You, Msgt Arthur J. Papa, SSgt Ed Ross, SSgt Frank Fuqua.

Dale Maynard

Thanks for posting your pictures, and all the comments from those who served there. I don't know why, but 'North Camp Drake' popped into my head this evening. My father (Larry Maynard) was in the AF in Telecom, and we lived there around '65-'68. I remember seeing Mt Fuji from my school yard. I still remember some Japanese words that I learned while living there! My father and mother are now living in N. Texas. If anyone knew or remembers him, please feel free to contact/email me at, and I'll pass your information along! Best wishes!
Dale Maynard

mike thorpe

Stationed at Camp Drake ASA Jan 64 to Feb 67, Motor Sgt. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me , especially the 2 mess Sgt's , wonder if Richard is still out there . Capt. Ben Fukumoto is in Hawaii , remember Lt. Franklin . We had our vehicle in the 500th Intel .Motor Pool compound area. Seems strange to see the old pictures.

john hall

I was at Camp Drake 64-64 with the Air Force communication.

Paul Coffey

I worked at the Consolidated Mess Hall at Camp Drake 70 to 72 I was with USASACOMUJ. and the 249th was deactivated in late 71 or early 72

Edwin H George

I was at Camp Drake from August, 1968 until sometime in 1969 when I was sent to Camp Oji. I was with the 153rd Mobile Army Lab and we were sent where needed. Our CO was at Camp Zama. I don't think I ever met him. I remember the statue at the front entrance to Camp Drake and I remember reporting in from the U.S. on a rainy day after having stepped into a benjo(sp) ditch. I remember a Capt. Pataki from the lab, a guy named Rick McKee and an NCO in the lab who slept most nights in the morgue just across from the lab.

Doug Oliver

Was at ASACUJ Oct 68 to Nov. 70. 72B20 B trick. Played softball on ASA team and Camp Drake post team. Looking for old shadow warriors and softball team mates or opponents.

greg mazur

I was at Drake ASA 69 to 71. 32d, 72B
Tons of pics and memories.


I was stationed in Camp Drake, USAF Telecom '64 - '66. Used to go to the 'skid' daily, literally. The one we used to frequent most was "The Corner Tavern" boy what memories. I used to go to the Ginza via a short trip on the subway. Loved the food, can't beat it or duplicate in the States.

Terry Stout

I was stationed at North Camp Drake 1961-1964. Just missed '64 olympics. Served with ASA. Daughter born at Tachicawa AFB.
Lived just off base at back entrance for a while. Many fond memories. Do have some old pictures from then.
Glad to here about others from there.

carl Griffin

I was stationed there from 71 to aug 72,,,

ASA,, 72B ,, 32D,, worked in the comm center

C Griffin

Formerly Sp4 (E4) Bradley B Burkhardt

Hello to all former troops who were stationed at one time or another at North Camp Drake. I was there from 11/19/58 to 10/14/60 with the Starcom Relay Station working in Comm Center. We were housed in barracks (Drake Detachment). Very old wooden building. Relay Station was off post at area called Chukoagyo. About 3 miles east of the Camp. Lots of good memories there. Also a very fine NCO club at that time. Send me some comments please.

Chuck Forss

I was stationed at the 249th Gen Hospital from Feb 70 til Feb 71 where I served as the Legal Clerk in the office next to the SGM's just down the hall from Col Scott and later Col. Enrico D. Carrasco, both Hospital Cmdrs. SSG Brown was my supervisor. I also helped with photography at the hospital and took and have a great photo of Gen Westmoreland touring the amputee ward Thanksgiving Day 1970 pinning on Silver and Bronze Stars...I was caught in a treasured photo with him at the end of his entourage...I ran out of film and flashbulbs as I took the last photo of a guy getting a medal...lied and said..."don't worry General I have high speed film"...Worked with Mike Pitchke in the Public Affairs section as additioal duty. Traveled home for Christmas Dec 1970 as a non medical attendant...and upon return was transfered to Hq, USARJ, Camp Zama as the Classified Documents Custodian. It was a great place to be stationed, but will never understand (although I saw many horrible injuries at the hospital) how I missed out on a tour in VN... ..Oh ya..we were the 1970 USARJ Softball Champions!!

William Crowell

I was stationed at No Camp Drake fm Jan 1961 to June 1962 w/ASA then went to Nam. I remember The Corner bar and others but cant name them. Lived in 3 different bldgs. Some of the names I remember: Tony Dier (fm Baton Rouge) David Sanders(fm Thomasville Ga. Jim Ward (Brent Ala. deceased). Lloyd or Floyd Harrison (fm Colo, Ariz or out west somewhere). He re-uped for there)Cant remember CO's name.He grad fm West Pt with Gen Eisenhower. I think I remember Sgt Russian. South Camp Drake also had a movie theatre and we played some football games there. Some of the '64 Olympic athletics were supposed to stay at So Camp, but I didnt stay to see it. I went to Nam and came home in 1963. 1st Sgt gave me a pic of camp (arial view) but I dont have it any more. I begged him for it and he told me if anyone saw me with it to tell them I was repairing it. Was told that No Camp was used during Korean war for Amer Prisoners who got into trouble. Was a barbed wire fence around our baricks while I was there.
Many fond memories of NO. Camp Drake...

Brian Broadway

Wow, brings back old memories. I was assigned to USASACU-J, Camp Drake from 1969 to 1972, I was CU-Js Personnel Sergeant. I was later assigned to USASA Arlington Hall Station, Virginia. I always considered the assignment one of the best out of 35-years of Active Duty. My wife and I lived at the USAF Grant Heights family housing area, just down the road from Camp Drake. Great assignment and memories.

Anthony sell

Hello, I'm wondering if you or any of those who left comments may have known my father, Bob Sell. He was stationed at Camp Drake during Viet Nam, worked in Cryptography and was an avid photographer. Here is an image of what he looked like back then:

Bob Townsend

I was stationed at Camp Drake at the FEN radio station as a staff announcer from 58-59. If anyone was there at the station during the same time, I would love to hear from you. Retired and live in SC now.
My email is

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