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July 30, 2006


Simon Smit

Hello mister steinbicker. Please can you help me? Iám looking for the cover foto from the AC/DC album highway to hell. And now I wood ask you,iff you had a clear and sharp looking picture of it for me. Because the album picture is not so sharp and clear. I do want to juice it for a tattoo on my back,and the tattoo artist wants the have a clear and sharp picture. So please can you help me! And I will pay you for the picture. Best regards Simon Smit from the netherlands. P.S Please wood you send your answer to this E-mail adress Thanks a lot!!!!

James Stone

I do not know if you remember me but I was a young guy who just moved to NY and would hang aroung Jim and when he went away I would sleep in the loft and take care of the 2 fat cats.I remember you and abbey and Myron. I was there when he shot Nugent. I lost track of jim but ran into some pictures of him and his girlfriend who was a stewardess and friend of my girlfriend.I lost track of him when he moved to Philly. wpould you know how I could get a hold of him?

Earl Steinbicker

Jim simply vanished back in the late 1980s; even his own family were unable to locate him and apparently still can't.

james Stone

Are you serious?
Was he living in Philly the last time anyone saw him?
Has anyone seen abbey or Myron
What is your phone #

Lisa Corcoran

Hi Earl, I was the flight attendant girlfriend, Lisa, of Jim's in the 70s. I remember you well. My friend, Kathy Dutler, was married to his assistant Bob Kudelski at the time. She and I have just reconnected on Facebook and her sister is the one who found your blog. I have often wondered what happened to Jim and have tried to locate him on google but never had any luck. I'm sad to hear that he disappeared and no one knows what happened to him but not surprised. I ran into Dario Sacramone about 25 years ago and even he, at the time, didn't know what happened to him. I remember you wanted to write travel books and hope you've had some success. If you ever hear of Jim would you let me know?


Hi Lisa!
Yes, I remember you well and should a miracle happen and Jim comes back, I'll let you know. This Facebook thingy sure does get people back together!

Javier Martinez


Is there an email address that I can contact Mr. Steinbicker at?. Thank You.

Earl Steinbicker

Yes, Javier. It's

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