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January 04, 2007


Dennis Price

I want to thank you for this site. I have been looking for pictures of North Camp Drake for many years. I was stationed their with the Army from 1962-1964. I worked in the Little Pentagon, Communications Center, Tape Relay to be exact. I miss everything about that time. For me, it was a great assignment.
Again, I want to thank you and other's who have supplied the picture's/Maps, etc. Unfortunately, any picture's I had from that time have been lost or destroyed.

I look forward to seeing updates on this site...Thanks.

Dennis Price

John B. Carman

I was at N. Drake from summer '58 until Sept. '60 and worked at the old transmitter station at the opposite end of the Asaka strip. Anyone remember A DAC named O'Neil?

Roger Glubka

Just Googled the site and am I glad I did. This is Roger Glubka and I was at North Camp Drake from '65-'67 as a tape ape in the Com Center. I'll be sending the few pictues I have and will follow up on this site tomorrow. Mahola from Hawaii.

Don Rupp

I lived at North Camp Drake for a while in 1963 as an IBM customer engineer (civilian contractor). I spent my 3 years (55-58) in the Arrmy (ASA, SigCorps) at Ft. Ritchie (Raven Rock) as a tty/crypto repairman. Fond memories of N.Camp Drake. My 1st sgt at Ft.Ritchie was Msgt Frelin who was 1st sgt at N. Camp Drake in the early 60s. Small world.

Lou Wolf

66-68: anyone remeber WO Fitzsimmons?
SSGT Miller in personnel?
Major Rogers?
SP4 Zimmerman?

D.M. Petersen

Was at Drake as an Air Force Sgt./SSgt. in the 2049th(?) Comm. Group from 11/1970 to 09/1972. Anyone out there then? D.M. Petersen. [email protected].

Jerry Eagan

These photos, and others of Camp Drake, sure bring back memories. What's up with those pachinko parlors, eh? I recall going in there and there were these guys who could feed little beebies into the machines like it was natural ... wham, wham ... just mind-blowing to see them in action. It was on the train & mostly subway lines starting @ Ikebukoro, that I first saw ... mini-skirts. 1966-1967. Was badly wounded in 'Nam, and never went back. Went to Valley Forge General Hospital, after that.

Robert McGeein

I was at Camp Drake in 1955/56 - the picture of Asaka brought back many memories. Johnny's bar and the train station especially. thanks, not sure if i have any pictures. i was only 19 when i was there.

I was a radio operator with the IX corps arty Hdqtrs when it rotated from Chorwan valley Korea to Japan in 1955

Nelson Leftwich

I was stationed at North Camp Drake from March 1961 - June 1963 with ASACU-J. It was JCRC-J when I arrived. I worked in supply for about a year before going to the comm center as a comm center clerk. Worked for Sgt. Frith. I had not thought a lot about NCD until about a month ago I was talking with a member of my church about his time in Nam. He said he was wounded and sent to the hospital at North Camp Drake. I thought he was confused about there being a hospital on base until I went to this website. The closest hospital in the early 60s was Zama. Found out he was correct. Thanks for posting this site. A lot of memories, especially catching the train to the Ginza. A 20 year old SP4 drawing $149.50 a month couldn't make too many trips.

Frank Mullikin

I thank you for this site. When stationed at Camp Drake I was only nineteen years old and the last thing on my mind was taking pictures. I was assigned to USACRAPAC from early 1959 to mid 1960. I was a radio/teletype operator for the Com-center at USACRAPAC. Thanks again.

Donald Duncan

Was stationed at Camp Drake for six years. First with the replacement depot and then CCRAFE (NCD) from 1953 to 1956. Returned in 1957 to 1960 with CCRAFE, ACRAFE and then with USACRAPAC. Enjoyed Drake very much and was married there in 1957. Also spent 3 years at Camp Zama (1966-69) with G2/3, USARJ. Firt went to Camp Drake in 1950 on my way to Korea.

Don Duncan, SGM, USA(ret)

James Pittman

I worked at the ACAN station from 1958-1961. Seems most of my negatives from Camp Drake have disappeared. I am glad to have found your site.

I was back in Japan in 1995 on business and took the private train from Ikebukuro to Asaka. The Teisan bus company is out of business now.

It was hard to find much that was recognizable as Camp Drake 9 a few English street signs, the HQ overgrown by tree inside a fence). I talke with a few Japanese people who lived nearby and were exercising at the facilities. None of them had much of a memory of the 1958 Camp Drake or the Relay Station there.

David Coleman

Thanks for this walk down memory lane. I was in the Air Force 1967 Communication Squadron from Jan 1969 to Dec 1970. I worked in Tech. Control. I really enjoy the pictures. I located North Camp Drake on Google Earth and you can see where the Headquarters/Communications building used to be.

Robert Ashton

In response to John Carman....I do remember Mr. O'Neil,sometimes called 'theone armed bandit' or Donald Dac. I was in carrier repair from '59 to '62. A wonderful assignment. Served with some truely awesome folks.



I was with the USASCU-J from Aug 63 until Oct 65. I married a Japanesse lady in June 65, so when I put in my marriage papers in April 65, my security clearance was pulled and I became a USACUJ "ranger", working at odd details around Camp Drake.

One of my most memorable details was setting up the Hollywood beds, the two man rooms, etc for the 1967 Comm Squadron who were taking over from STARCOM.

Anyway, my "punisment" for having a "prolonged intimate relationship with a foreign national" was exile to the 459th Signal Bn in Fort Huachuca.

I got discharged (very honorably-RE1) and kicked around San Francisco for about 14 months.

In April 67, owing to my memories of the "hollwood beds" and the relative dignaties of AF life, I joined the AF and visited Turkey and Viet-Nam before being assigned to Japan again in 1972.

In 1975 I was assigned again to Camp Drake; this time to 1956th Comm Group (ASC).

I guess this is a historical first. I was the only guy (I think) that was with the Army and the AF and stationed at Camp Drake.

I remember walking around the old USASACU-J "section" and can't forget how small the area really was. But, I guess when you are standing for 8-10 hours, and your feet are sore, you think the area is proportional to your aching feet.

One day, after work in 75, I decided to go to the Asaka station via the now non-existant strip. I stopped at a coffee shop that used to be the Corner Bar. And, although the atmosphere was snobbish, I managed to gulp a couple Kirins and proceed to the Asaka station for my trip to Tachi.

This is super website and I hope that postings continue!

john Reid

was in north camp drake, personnel,. 52 to53, 503rd mi goup John J Reid, ex of Boston now Fort Lauderdale 954-561-4545

David Collett

Hi, everyone.

I was a teen living at Matsumi Dai complex, adjacent to Grant Heights, from 1967-69. My dad worked for MAAG-J.

My younger brother attended Drake Middle School.

Can some of you answer a few questions for me?

1. Was this middle school at the S or N camp?

2. Why were there two camps? Did they have different purposes?

3. I've been able to locate where the N camp was using Google maps, but I can't find any reference to the S camp. Where was it located? Does anyone have any maps of it? I'd love to find it on Google maps.

Thanks very much for your help!

David Collett

Doug oliver

Was a tape ape from Oct 68 - Nov 70. Played on Post and ASA softball teams. On ASA Army team to Korat, Thailand in 69. Married Japanese girl, lost clearance but still have her after 42 years.

Roy Lynn

I was a 72B at CUJ from Feb '68 until Jun '70. A few names I can remember are Paul Geib, John Couglin, Rick Aldridge, Bascom Horn among others. A lot of good memories both on and off base.

Patrick T Copley sr

I was at Camp Drake dental clinic from 52-55 . Lots of good memories.

Kurt Shaw

I first came to Camp Drake from Vietnam, in 1969 and worked for the 500th MI group. I spent many nights out along the strip of Asaka, where all of the local bars and restaurants were located. One of my good friends, Ed Manly, who worked in the photo lab on base, and I would spend our evenings eating and drinking along the strip. What a time for a 19 year old from New Jersey. If anyone else from that time remembers me, please respond.

Michael L. Shea

Was 72B there between March 1969- March 1971 ASA. Charlie trick would like to here from others

Warren Jones

I should have just said "6th Army". I can't remember the rest of the categories (Division, etc.). Anyway, I was in the Camp Drake Personnel Center. Do you know where it fit in the Army's chain of categories?

Ralph Knapp

I was stationed at Camp Drake from June 1967 till November 1968. I was a member of the 602 Ambulance Co. To transport the wounded. I was there during the Thet offensive in Jan. February. 1968 didn't get much sleep for quite a few days. The hospital doubled with the number of casualties during Thet. Would love to see the area again.


David Collett,

I attended Camp Drake Jr High in 1970-71. It was located in South Camp Drake.

PLease feel free to visit the Narimasu?Grant Heights and Drake schools Facebook page.


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