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January 04, 2007



I was stationed at Camp Drake from September 1956 to March 1959, assigned to USACRAFE (later named USACRAPAC). It was a great assignment. I loved Japan and took lots of photographs. Later used GI bill to earn a degree in Geology. I retired from the Corps of Engineers as an Engineering Geologist in April 1993. RALPH C. FEELY

P.S. Thank you for this website.

Koji Ishizuka

I am Japanese. I have covered the Camp Drake and Asaka. I made ​​a WebSite in Asaka citizen. I would like to thank your homepage.
This photo is what?, Please tell me.
↓My Homepage

I am looking forward to e-mail

Dwight Corley

I was at North Camp Drake in 1954 but soon moved with our unit to Hardy Barracks. All my time in Japan I was a small arms clerk. Some of my friends were George Yonemura, Clifford Davis, Frank Bundy, Murray Crump, Mack Magaha, and Dink Seigal. I was assigned to a competitive shooting rifle and pistol team, and played (badly) in a stage band. I returned to the U.S. in 1955 where I served as first sergeant of an Army reserve company in Oklahoma. My tour in Japan was fun, rewarding, memorable, thanks to the Japanese people and my Army friends.

tom becaccio

I was stationed at Camp Drake 1962-1965 with 500th MI Gp, great duty.

Richard "Pepe" Garcia

I was sta. at N. Camp Drake from Dec. '65 til Nov. '67. I worked in the comm ctr in S2 & training sections. I'm seeing names on the comments that I remember: Roger Glubka; Frank Virginiak; Terry Melton; Rick Harsen & Jack Plump. We all played on the ASA softball team. My name Richard Garcia, better known as "Pepe". Do any of you remember Henry Munoz & Tom Nash(catcher & pitcher). I keep in touch with them. Love to hear from you.

dave vance

I worked at Camp Drake as a 270 fixed station controller, was there 62-63 Did not want to leave, ASA had other plans. Was on duty when President Kennedy was murdered.Thank you for the memories.


Mark Koons

I was an Operating Room Tech assigned to the 249th Medevac at Camp Drake. I arrived on 8Dec66, the Japanese anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Patient #25 was still there. The unit had so recently begun receiving patients from Vietnam that most of the wards which were being set up in what I was told were Japanese WWII-era warehouses, were not yet even partitioned or electrified.

In typical military fashion an entire graduating class of O.R.Techs were assigned to that one unit. Those at the top of our class were assigned further OJT in medical specialties. The middle of the class went to work in the few O.R.s that were in operation, upstairs in what a previous poster aptly termed "The Little Pentagon".

The bottom of the class was assigned to unrelated non-medical duties such as the motor pool, patient baggage, and food service. I was assigned to the Orthopedic Clinic. In those early years it was in a cold concrete room in what was once, perhaps during the Korean War, a military prison. Most of that building soon became the Evac Hospital's Mental Ward.

During the 25 months I served there we handled some huge number of casualties. I have forgotten what the number was but during the autumn rains before I left some minor General I'd never heard of came to the old post theatre to commemorate a numerical milepost, either 125,000 or 250,000 casualties who had passed through our hands en route stateside. By that time the 249th had, I believe, 1,250 beds at Camp Drake and we were turning over the patient census every few days, by choppers from Tachikawa. The General told us not to feel bad we weren't in Vietnam because the troops would have laid down their weapons had there been no system for treating wounded survivors.

The way I came to this page was trying unsuccessfully to find Camp Drake on Google Maps. I was married and had Separate Rats a mile or so away and now, in my 70th year, I wanted to see Google Satellite view of the place were my boyhood ended.

Howard Prough

Names Howard Prough, 1962 into 1964. Tape ape on bravo trick. Had a reunion in 2005 at Orlando. Had 50 there. 38 trick workers and the Sgt's and Lt's also. Incredible. Went there at 18, spent 2 1/2 yrs and went home 18 yrs old. Corner bar at Tosh's, Tiger bar down the street around the corner and club Amour, across the street. Ikibuck and my favorite, Tom's American bar in Rupungi. Anybody remember Charlie ko?? Good memories and a few bad hangovers. Choe

Charlie Johnson

I was assigned to ASACUJ in April 1971 and was one of the last to leave when the unit was closed down in November 1972, It was sad, there was a great deal of history at Camp Drake. I bought a 1960 Ford Falcon from an Air Force guy for $ 50.00 drove it the whole time I was there then sold it to another AF Guy for $ 75 when our unit closed. That car was built like a tank, The Japanese were crazy drivers but it was clear I had nothing to lose so they all stay away. CUJ was a great place to be, The Corner Bar was the place to go every night. The bar girls would love you long time for very little. Tokyo was an amazing place to be but most interesting here we were an Army that had beaten Japan in WWII yet I never experienced anything but kindness from the Japanese people I had the pleasure of meeting. I am not certain I could do that in return. Many years later I traveled back to Japan many times on business but sadly never had the opportunity to revisit Camp Drake. Perhaps next trip!

charlie herrmann

In 1956-57 I was in 13th signal, First cav. @ Hardy Barracks and then transferred to Camp Drake, working in comcenters at both locations. I remember CWO Walter Scott, CWO Cleo Hardin, Lt Benjamin Tant & Capt Thomas Mainville. Our mail guy (HB) was Frank Getz. Anybody remember me?

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