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January 05, 2007


robert j hammock

stationed at north dake 1954 until 1956 with a unit called far east signal command i have tried to find whare they went to

robert j hammock

stationed there 1954 1956 with fec sigal move from diachi bldgig to north camp drake

Dale Hill

Stationed at North Drake Feb 1966 through Nov 1968. The unit name then was ASA-PCRSJ (Pacific Communications Relay Station Japan). I don't think "Units" ever left, they just changed the name.
Your map looks good (correct). We were up-stairs in the west wing and the billets was the same. Opposite the billets was 500 MI Unit.
My father-in-law was stationed at "Asaka Camp" when Grant Heights golf course belonged to the Emperor (1944+/-).

I was searching for an old link I had for Camp Drake. (My computer crashed) Found your site. I was at North Camp Drake from late 1959 through May 1961. ASA. I remember well the times at the NCO club, bowling and Papa San downstairs, that polished our shoes. Looking back, he was probably one of the wealthiest individuals around Asaka. I too have some pictures and if I can locate them, I'll send them along.
Oh.. I still remember the Strip out front along with the the B1 Bar, The Corner Bar and Yoshiko..

Bill Winchell

jay knickerbocker

i was stationed as an mp at cp. zama 1-'73 til 6-'73, then cp. drake 6-'73 til 11-'73, then back to zama until 7-'74.

we did security for no., so. drake, g.h., sanno hotel, a few other housing areas i dont remember now. i actually miss being there.

Bill Bollinger

Re: Robert J. Hammock's posting( 10/04/07 )

I was at Camp Drake during 1967-68 attached
to the 294th mp det.One of our guys, Fred
Herring was friends with a couple of asa guys; don't remember names. Could Robert
Hammock email me or whatever?

GRegory Grude

I was at Camp Drake in 1967 and 1968 and was in the ASA unit. I played softball for the ASA team there on the base. If u have any info on how i can find a list of people in my unit that were there please pass that along to me. I am looking for a person who may have married my girlfriend from there. Thanks and will be waiting for a reply from u. Greg

Danny Davis

I was stationed there 1970-1972 in the 1967 Communications Squadron. Wow, what memories. I had such a great time and got to be a member of one hell of a group of men and women!!

This is a first for me, using email to send information.

I have a copy of the handout frunished me upon my arrivalin July 1952. A brief description and map of the camp.

I later spent 12 months at Drake when our company was transferred there from Tokyo


i love this site.

Art Norton

Was with 500th MI from 59-92. This site brings back a lot of memories from Drake and Asaka/Strip. We had a intense dislike for the Agency guys (just unit rivalry). We were the spooks.

Robert Porras

I was stationed at north cmp drake from '69 - '73 with the 1967 Comm Sq. Rembember many Viet Nam casualties being treated there. Lived with my wife in the housing area ".. Heights".. My daughter was born in Tachikawa AB.. Wow it seems like a million years ago..

BIll Alarcon

I was stationed at Camp Drake with the 1967
Comm. from Feb.1966 to Sept 1968. Worked with
a great group of people. Their names were
Terry Spurlock,Eugene Saari,John Grivetti,
Michael Keller,Scholl,Big Man,Sholz and many
more. I do remember the corner bar,I was
very young then. The ku (Shinjuku),Harajuku,
Ikebukuru,Grant Heights,alot of fun,I hope
to hear from some of my old pals..Ja mata...

Michael Keller

I was shocked when I did a GOOGLE for John Grivetti name was listed right beside his .. from a post on this page by Robert Porras just above !! Email me at please. Great to find and see this website. Thanks all. MK

Terry Spurlock

Someone told me I needed to look at this site, and that I was mentioned. Wow, great to see Bill Alarcon's name along with Gene Saari. I think everyone remembers the Corner Bar, it was an institution. The 67th Comm Squadron was a one of a kind operation, and a ton of fun. But, as Bill mentioned, we were very young then, and I'm probably looking at it through the eyes of time.

Don Forkum

Great web site. The pictures and the thoughts of others bring back a lot memories (249th GH Oct 66 - Jan 68). By chance I met a guy last week that had played golf at South Camp Drake as I had. He asked if I remembered the layout of the back 9 because he could not and I could describe 10-13 and 16-18 but could not pull up 14 & 15 (some gaps in the memory bank). When I returned home I found an old score card but it did not help on the layout. Does anyone know where I can find diagram of the course?

david brew

i was an army medic with the 249th GH from oct 66 ot aug 68; many happy memories; we never left the south gate, it was everything your mom warned you about; anybody remember the old toothless woman who used to proposition any soldier, night or day. cant believe what happened to the base, we returned last may, nothing but a jungle and a rusted old yield sign

Robert Bailey

I was at Camp Drake with the 8235th Signal Corps Company D June '56 to June '57 looking for CK Carrier or CK Mic-de rib looking for any info about Mac from Torrence Ca. or CAP from Brooklyn, NY....thanks, Bob

Don Burchette

I was at North Drake from Dec 70 to Feb 72 with ASA. 32F crypto mech in the ASA comm center. Spent way too much time at the Corner Bar. Climbed Fuji after knee surgery at Tachikawa; the 249th GH was closed by then. My brother Lloyd was also stationed with ASA at Drake. Would like to hear from John Brzozowski/Roy Hawkins or any of the Criticom guys there.

frank j. virginiak

Great site! Enjoy it very much. I was stationed at Drake fm July 65 - Jan 69 with ASA. Yes, those were the good times. Just came back fm Japan with my wife who is Japanese. Married her and was dismissed fm ASA. Still keep in touch with David Ames and Bascom Horn. Living in Smyrna, tn.

Herb Martin

Hi Frank Virginiak:
I lost touch with you over the years. I don't know if you remember but we were stationed together from 1965 to 1969 in Japan. I would like us to get in touch with each other to catch up on all the lost time.

Frank Virginiak

I sure do remember you Herb. Kazuko and I live in Smyrna, Tn. 615 355 6853. We are retired and just enjoying life. I tried finding u many times to no avail. Where are u? I also found Ricard Harsen on this site. He lives a few miles from me and we are going to hook up for lunch one day soon. I also keep in touch with Dave Ames (Lives up in Main), and Bascom Horn in Kentucky, and Leon Starkes in Kentucky. Send me ur phone # and i will call you. Good to connect with u>

Frank Virginiak

Enjoying this site. There anyone else out there that was with ASA in the Little Pentagon.

Charles E Learn

I was a sgt E-5 stationed at Cp Drake with the MP Detachment fron Jan 52 to Feb 1953. We wore the FECOM patch and were at the Headquarters in the South Camp. It was an R&R unit for the combatants in Korea. I have been looking for anyone who would remember thos days. My Name is charles E Learn and live at 69 Deuro Drive Niagara Falls NY 14304. Also wa aat Cp Gordon, Ga from 50 to Dec 52 with the MPRTC unit.

Jim Kline

My Dad MSgt. Michael Kline was at 249th 12/65 to 12/69. I was a dependant and attended South Camp Drake Jr. High. Lived in Grant Heights 6/66 to 6/68. Additionally born Tokyo General 1/1955 and lived in Grant Heights 1/1955 - 6/1955. Returned to West Point MC in NY. My Dad is still going strong @ 86YO. Remember: CO Col. Phoenhaur, 1st Sgt Benson, SFC Bernard (mess Hall), SFC Rudai, and "Soul Bros."

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