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January 06, 2007


AL Woodall

I was station at Camp Drake from 1963-67. My MOS was a 31J teletype repairman in the Little Pentagon. In 1966 I was selected as Soldier of the month. I remember Asakamachi,Shinjiku,Ikebukuro and Akihabura. I bought a pristine 1957 Chevy for $250.I recall Roger Glubka dancing like James Brown in the barracks. Bennie Brown took me to the Corner Bar. In 1967 I left the ASA unit for Ft Benning,GA OCS. My retirement year was 1990.
Anyone from that era can email me at

John B. Carman

Was at North Drake from July 58 through Sept. 60. Worked at the Communications Center on the main drag of Asaki Machi as an in-house wire maintanence tech. Spent all leave time fly fishing near Nikko and Lake Chujenzi.
A most unique and rewarding experience!

Denny Kayser

Frank Virginiak and Herb Martin. Nice to hear from you! I had forgotten that I had posted on here, then saw your responses. I'd love to get in touch with some of the ASA folks from 40+ years ago!


I enjoy this site.

I live now near Asaka city saitama JAPAN.

I go to work on a Tobu railways every day.

I have a look at a photograph of old Asaka with surprise.

North camp is vacant land now.
The Japanese Self-Defense Forces use South camp.

It is Asaka Station(2011) and the homepage of the Self-Defense Forces base Asaka.

Yasunari Tsuchiya

Art Norton

Was with the 500th MI Group from 1960- 1962. Best overseas tour out of 23 years.

James R. Green

I was stationed at Camp Drake at the Pentagon Building from 1959 until 1961. The unit I was assigned to was called USACRAPAC and then the name was changed to The 500th Military Intelligence. Originally work for a Captain Omori in the 503rd Chemical Detachment then was assigned to the co-coordinating unit for the 5 Technical Intelligence Units in the group. Lived off base with my wife in a private rental. Would like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time.

Glenn Kunkle

For James R Green post of 10 April 2012
Go back on this Page 4 (back arrow below) and read the post of 15 Sept 2008 by Sylvia Peck. I have email address of Peck if interested.

Bill Alarcon

At Camp Drake Feb 66 to Aug 68. Worked at the 1967th Comm
Center data cards. Great time Hi to airmen Saari, Grivetti, Keller,
Spurlock, Scholl, and many more. Good Luck.

Paul Coffey

I was stationed at North Camp Drake worked in the Mess Hall, was best friends with Pentagon Bill Carter from Washington State, also good friends with Bill Henderson who worked at headquarters in the Little Pentagon Building on the 2nd floor and was also a Supply Sergeant, I remember a short Japanese woman who worked in our Finance department and also a specialist from Florida, also Charlie Holman from Florida, if anyone remembers me let me know

Lloyd Walrack

I came home from Korea 1965 assigned to 249th Gen Hosp at Fitzimmans Gen Hosp Denver Co where a couple months later we activated to full strength and moved the hospital to Camp Drake Japan I was in personnel and payroll also helped with TO&E assignments left in 1966 for discharge quite a experience going from a small unit of 3-4 personnel to 500 plus personnel


I was in Camp Drake from February,1959 to May, 1960. I was a cryptographer at the ACAN relay station. Would like to hear from my buddies: Bill D., Phillip B., and am sorry to hear of the passing of Alan R., Lamarr B., and Eddie B.

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