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January 04, 2007


Lee Bibb

I went to Camp Oji once (in 1961) in the 2-1/2 years that I was stationed at Hq, ASAPAC at Camp Zama. It was to deliver some reports to Army Corps of Engineers. All that I remember of Camp Oji is driving along a narrow street with the perimeter fence along side of it. We got to drive a 57 Chevy sedan staff car all the way up there and were told to take the whole day! ASA was great duty.


Scott D Reed

I was an MP (294th) transfered from Camp Zama to Camp Oji when it opened as a hospital. I believe in 1968. Our barracks were above the camp fire station. We endured many rioters at the front gate and I still have a rioters helmet. You could hear them coming (whistles) from blocks away. The Tokyo riot police were well equiped and the gate was never compromised. Your early photos brought back many memories.
Thank you,

Scott D. Reed

Billy E. Maughan

Was at Camp Oji in mid-1965 for two months and then shipped to the Pacific for about a year on a project mapping islands of the area. Then returned in mid-1966 for another two months before being discharged.

I don't remember much about the camp except it was near a Japanese military camp. I also remember the story about it being an arsenal with underground munitions still in place but apparently buried by water.

Maybe someone else was involved in the mapping of the Pacific during this time.

Ralph Hughes

I was stationed in Oji Camp from early 1961 to late october 1962 with the 29th engineer Bt ( US Army Map service Far East). The Japanese camp was behind our barricks and they exercised daily as we watched. During my tour I was in Guam, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands and others doing surveying for maps. I was in electronic repair but traveled with the survey guys. We had two FS class ships (old aircraft tenders) with Phillipino crew. One Phillipino Captain, One American Captain. I would love to hear about Ole Camp Oji Campu.

Harold Steinholz

I was stationed at Camp Oji from March 62 through Aug. 63. I was attached to Headquarters Co. You were probably TDY most
of the time when we overlapped. Don't really
remember the names of most of the guys in the
29th. I do remember Capt Donnel and some of the NCOs from troop command. I am retired now
and live in South east Florida you?. Hope to
hear back from you

Wesley Goecker

The Army Map Service was at Cp Oji from 1954 to 1966. I was with the Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District (Rear) which was a tenant unit from late 1958 to late 1965. Our office building was the old three story ASA mess hall.
The former camp was turned into a public park starting in 1971 and the HQ building has become a community center.
I visited the park in late 1979 and again in Oct 2010.
The 2005 aerial photo above is actually a satellite view from Google Earth. The Officers Club is still there in that photo. The O Club was a potting shed and was razed in 2006 and there is a parking lot there now. Google Earth now has a street view of the entrance and the HQ bldg

Glenn Kunkle

Ralph, Harold & Wesley. Any of you know Frenchy D'Entremont who went to map Ethiopia in mid 60's? Deceased in CA in 2003.
Harold I've emailed with. Also Dick Short who was there in late 50's
Like Earl S, I was at ASA Oji 1957-58
[email protected]

Allen Lesteberg

I was in the hospital in aug. 68. Was wounded in Nam and spent six weeks there.

Warren Bill Caplain

Hello all you short timers. I was there 1953-4 and worked in traffic
analysis under Capt. Truax and along side Tony Donadio who I speak with very often.
I wonder if the Lucky Laundry ever found that sock of mine that they lost.


Does anyone remember Miss Motorpool aka Miss Deguchi, 1959?

Paul Nick Hall

I was in Cp Oji from 1961-1965,with the 29th Engr Co.(survey)Division of Geodesy and the Lunar Occultation Branch.Went to many of the pacific islands.Rode the FS ships a lot and flew to Port Moresby,New Guinea and was involved with the SW pacific survey and some gravity surveys.


I was stationed at Oji 1969-1970 294th MP co. Lived above fire station. Remember when Gen Westmoreland visited. After transfer to Camp Drake ,because of Oji's closing ,Was assigned several times as single security for the whole vacant camp. One afternoon shift I played the association's tune "never my love" over the camps PA system. Other times I searched the old HQ bldg for the entrance to the tunnels out to Tachikawa AB. Never found it.

Jim Parks

I joined the ASA in 1952, schooled at Fort Devens, Mass. Shipped over to Japan in 1953, stationed at ASA Hqs. Oji, Japan. We had a WAC Capt. as our commanding officer. I don't remember her name or the guys on base. Gene Davis of Marshall, MI remembered a lot of them. Would appreciate hearing from any "Oji Samuri".
Jim Parks, Sgt. Otsego, MI

Dick chapin

I arrived hq asapac 1953 to 1955. Was secretary to col greener. Later moved to personnel. Does anybody remember the great pitcher I think his name was Ed o'rosky. They won thebfar east softball title in 1953 or 1954. Would love to hear from some of the guys I served with and partied with.
Remberbthe goog steaks at the rocker 4

Tom Filla

Oji Campers: I arrived New Years Eve 1958,left May 1961. Was with 29th Engr Btn.Topo. draftsman-engraver. CO was Capt. Wolf, succeeded by Capt. Donnel & 1st Sgt. Hood. Sgt. Frenchy D'Entremont was an old army character in charge of our barracks and a great card player.Sorry to hear he passed. Other guys were Jim Corcoran, Don Hermanson, Jerry Wrightenberry, Iskandar Baday, Sgt. Saroaka. Many good times.

John John Jackson of Wenatchee Washington and San Jose California.......: Messy sex with a doctor - this cute teen needs to be examined by

I was at hq asapac April 52 to march 53, worked traffic analysis first under captain Parker, then captain truex. Worked with Tom hackney, Jim pivoney, David Pieter, chuck Murray, Jim oconnor, George weber, John tuck, Harry wicks trim, norm shore, Danny slayne, tony do audio, Pete Lillian, and more. March 53 went to korea and finished tour with 301st comm recon bn in X corp area near the east coast, then back to ft defens until discharge July 54.

gary james

I was stationed at OJI Camp in 1956 to 1959. I was in the 29th Eng. Bat. 95th Eng. Co. and was an offset pressman. We printed a lot of maps of the far East. Some of the maps we printed were secret and top secret, which had to go to the Pentagon the next day. Our barracks was next to the day room and NCO Club and Parade field in front. It was an exciting tour. Riding the trains was like sardines in a can. I don't think you could ever get lost if you could find a train station and ask for JUJO. I've been in contact with Larry Dick and Joel Harrison. Any more members left can email me at [email protected] Love to hear from you...Gary James

Earl Steinbicker

I was at Oji from mid-1957 until mid-1958, right across the security fence from you engineers. After that we moved to North Camp Drake, and I suppose you guys took over our buildings. I still treasure one of your maps -- best map of Tokyo I've ever seen! Earl Steinbicker, former ASAPAC resident.

Bill Clymer

Came to Oji Oct. 1957 on R&R, slept in barracks, High School Buddy Frank Paul stationed at Oji showed me the sights. We attended West Seattle High together. I was stationed 301st ASA, Co. B. Company Clerk, Uijongbu Korea. 1958 stationed 100th ASA Det., Operations Clerk, White Sands Missile Range, N.M. Anyone know any info White Sands? No records exist.

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