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January 01, 2009


Walter Dellow

I was at Oji after coming back from Korea. I arrived at Oji in June 1953 and left Nov. 1954. It appears like there has been many changes from when I was there, but I did recognize many of the pictures. I do take acception to your comments that it was a group of draftees. I was RA as was almost every one at OJI at that time. I was also at Vint Hills Farm Station in 1952. My MOS was 1805 or 4805 (Crypto).

Earl Steinbicker


A little misunderstanding. What I meant was that nearly all of us were initially draftees but were offered and accepted the opportunity to add one more year and become RA for ASA. Yes, virtually all of us were RA by the time we got to Oji.

Glenn K. Fannin Jr.

Check out my new ASA Vietnam novel "We Served In Silence."

-=Glenn K. Fannin Jr.=-

Jon Ferns

The "Abandonment" of ASA STARTED in 1976. I served in an ASA unit until 1980 in Camp Humphries Korea. I was there when we were converted to INSCOM. I know you older guys insist on this hard date, which may have been accurate where you were, but in Camp Humphries ASA lived until 1980.

Ed Wignall

I was with the 103rd Saran France and the 102nd Heidelberg Germany - 65/67 - we were do mainly telephone intercept on us forces. We were called "Buddy Fuckers"

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