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September 12, 2009


David Cortesi

Well, since I searched out your site in order to comment on Bremerhaven, I may as well put a note on Bamberg as well. We spent several days in Bamberg and I fully agree it is a terrific city and well worth a visit. I want to add two niggles to your writeup, though.

First, I quite disagree with your description of the Domplatz as "one of the most attractive public squares in Germany." Very much the contrary, it is quite uninviting. It slopes; the cobbles are rough; there is a busy auto street running down the center of it; there is nowhere to sit; there are no cafes or other businesses. It's just a big, empty cobbled field. People don't stay there, they walk through, look up at the spires, walk on quickly.

Second, we did about 2/3 of your route and about 1/2 the attractions you mention. Now we are thorough and take a lot of photographs. We were at it from 8:30am and still going at nearly 6pm. That got us to St. Michaels where we stopped for a much needed tea in the garden restaurant and descended the hill on the garden paths. This is a long, LONG walk and you should consider shortening it. You couldn't do everything on this list at a gallop.

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