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October 11, 2010


Victoria R

Hello, Mr. Steinbicker!

I'm just a random web-surfer who stumbled upon your blog while looking around for backpacking photos, hahaha. I just want to thank you for sharing your memories! I really enjoyed it!

Thanks again,

Rich Sachs

Just back from a trip to Italy using your guide. Two little touches added to my trip. In Lucca, the little zig-zag from the back of the duomo to via Battistero added a unique perspective to that street. Other guides just missed that. In Perugia, using via Vincioli back from piazza San Francesco was a beautiful route through wonderous back alleys of that city. Two tiny items that added wonder to my trip. I envy the research it took to find such gems. I've been a fan since 1980. Keep up the great work.

Earl Steinbicker

Thank you for the kind remarks. It's messages like this that make my work worthwhile.

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