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March 24, 2013



and that "running model" was Jean Shrimpton, the fresh young face which changed the world of photographic modelling away from those 'formal, rich, old'-looking models of the Suzi Parker generation. I have the Avedon photo book of those Mike Nichols 'paparazzi' images.

I landed here after searching for the "Steinbicher/Houghden" (sic) tag on a photo of the NYC cast of HAIR 1967 and finding the story of the AC/DC shoot was a bonus.
Thanks Earl.

Raymond Reuter

Hello Mr. Steinbicker, how fascinating what you have been writing on your years as an assistant with Richard Avedon. I really would like to have a copy of these fascinating years, even if it hasn't been prinzed, you could send it to me as a PDF. Please let me know how much you charge and I will transfer the money to your account.
Kind regards

Raymond Reuter
[email protected]

Earl Steinbicker

Thanks for the compliment. At the moment I am getting all of my memories with Avedon 1952-65 together and looking for a publisher, but am unable to print these pages as my printer is broken and there are copyright problems to settle first, so I suggest you just print those pages yourself. All Avedon images are heavily copyrighted and clearances are needed before I can do anything. My new e-mail address is [email protected]. Thanks for your interest.
Earl Steinbicker

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